This news may come as a shock to many, but I’m excited to finally make this announcement publicly.

After hosting 4 business growth conferences over the last couple of years, I will not be running another large marketing live event again any time soon. I had a blast with the SIMPLE events (Wilmington, NC; Baltimore, MD; Anaheim, CA; and Orlando, FL), and those that attended continue to remark at how much they enjoyed them.

So why am I mothballing the SIMPLE programs? For a couple of reasons…

First, in order to promote and fill these events, my business and marketing efforts were consumed for about 5-6 months. About 90% of all my blog posts, emails, teleseminars, partner collaborations, etc., were dedicated to that one particular event.

Funny enough, that meant that I had less and less time to actually TEACH and COACH – which is what I love to do the most. So even though I loved the opportunity to teach an entire weekend event (and to do so with a few of my colleagues), the 5 months of NOT teaching was too much of a cost.

The second and more important reason is about you. As I look back at my more successful clients, a different pattern emerged than just having attended this conference. Those that have become rock stars in their fields with my support have all done so because of a higher level of interaction than the SIMPLE events provided.

Those in our community that have been consistently raising the bar on their own businesses have done so with my personal support at Hotseat Holidays and personal coaching programs.

And it’s those types of success stories I want to create more of.

So behind the scenes I’ve shifted my coaching and event focus to small retreats with just a handful of people (no more than 10 at each one!). And I’m bringing them together for a mix of direct instruction from me and my marketing strategies, and interactive masterminding with the others who attend.

The primary benefit is a 100% focus on actionable, implementable strategies for every single person in the room, and not having each person to have to figure it out on their own when they get home.

You won’t see these events advertised publicly – they are by invitation only, and those invitations are only made available through a previous experience (a virtual workshop, an online course, private or small group coaching, etc.). This is because this type of workshop requires a higher level of commitment and camaraderie among the group.

So that’s why you aren’t seeing any promotions coming at the end of the summer for SIMPLE 5.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this with a comment below!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. If you’ve attended a SIMPLE event in the past and/or a Hotseat Holiday, I’d especially love to hear from you!

p.p.s. I do still enjoy teaching at the larger conferences hosted by other people, such as the NAMS conferences hosted by David Perdew. That does a great job of providing the kind of hands-on training and larger scale networking that the SIMPLE events provided.

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