I love to travel and hang out with friends I’ve met through business events.

One of my favorite people to visit is Felicia Slattery, an outstanding public speaking and effective communication trainer/coach. She’s outside of the Chicago area, and as my girlfriend was facilitating a Radical Leadership retreat in southern Wisconsin, I took the opportunity to hang out with Felicia, her husband Brent, and their 2 kids for a couple of days.

And what do two marketing coaches do when they get together? Answer questions to help you grow your business of course!

So after a losing battle with the internet connection to do a Google Hangout, we fired up Camtasia and my webcam to record a video.

We answered a bunch of questions about promoting your business with online and offline marketing strategies, based on our respective expertise in public speaking (Felicia) and online marketing (mine).

Questions Felicia and I answered about growing your business with speaking and marketing online:

  • When should I use props when giving a talk?
  • What’s a good strategy in using humor?
  • How do you get your first joint venture partner when you’re pretty new?
  • How can I (as an experienced executive speaking trainer) gain momentum with my own independent speaking?
  • What should I do to promote a book project I’m in the middle of?
  • What was the turning point for us that made our businesses soar?
  • How can you make a bigger impact when meeting people at networking events large and small?
  • And a few other tips/strategies are peppered in throughout.

Plus, make sure you see the bloopers of what happened before we did our 1-take video.

A Few Of The Resources Mentioned In The Video

Enjoy, share, and comment below!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Want to meet up with Felicia and me in person? Attend the NAMS events in Atlanta. They rock, you learn a lot, and we can get to know each other better during an amazing business conference. Find out more about the NAMS events at NAMSTickets.com.

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