Follow Me on PinterestA few years ago, a mentor of mine told me about a new social media/publishing site called Squidoo. It was unclear if the publishing model was going to pan out, but he thought it would be worth taking a look at.

Being a good student, I listened, and created several “lenses”, including one on beef jerky.

Back then, Squidoo had about 5000 “lenses”. About a month later, Squidoo was featured in the New York Times (on the front page of the technology section), and they highlighted my beef jerky lens at the top of the article. (Yeah, it was really cool!)

Squidoo absolutely blew up to become a major content-rich social site. And it’s still going strong.

Over the last few months I’m seeing a similar trend with a site called Pinterest.

I first saw it on the iPad of my girlfriend’s sister-in-law, who’s life as a flight attendant gives her random times between flights to find interesting things to pin, re-pin, and dream about.

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time as it looks at first glance like a virtual hangout for people that love pictures of food, ridiculously fashionable shoes, and odd looking pets.

But over the last few weeks (especially after having a conversation with Dan Morris at NAMS) and playing around with it myself, I’ve come to realize how much is possible with Pinterest.

From a marketer’s perspective, there’s a lot of potential.

  • People freely passing around images linked to your favorite blog posts
  • Generating traffic to your sales pages
  • Sending visitors around the world to your favorite products and services through your affiliate link
  • Readers shouting about your book
  • And all of that being rapidly “re-pinned” at break-neck speed.

Check out my boards on Pinterest and create an account (ask for an invite from their homepage, or post a request on Facebook – it’s pretty easy to get on there).

I’m sure you can figure some things out yourself, but if you’re like most people you’ll want to take a shortcut to make sure Pinterest doesn’t become a Pintwaste for you!

During my Discover List Building course, I’m teaching about it as a way to add more subscribers to an email list. But you’ll want to make sure to check out this excellent concise video training on Pinterest by Dan Morris. You’ll be up to speed in no time.

Also notice that at the top of all my blog posts now, there is a “Pin It” button. So as you read my lessons, feel free to share them on your board!
Pin It

By all means, balance your marketing efforts on this site with value-added contributions to the conversation. Because if you’re going to get the massive benefits potentially available on Pinterest, just like Squidoo, you should use it as it’s intended: a place to share amongst a community of real people – not a haven for spammers.

Bob Jenkins

p.s. I registered today (big shocker!), but I am not sure if/when I’ll create a training around it. Your best bet to learn Pinterest marketing quickly is to get Dan Morris’ video. So that’s where will go for now :)

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