If you’ve become completely overwhelmed with email like so many others, you’re going to love today’s recommended tool.

A few months ago, one of my coaching clients mentioned a tool she was using to tame her inbox. She said it was saving her at least an hour a day, and sometimes as much as 10 hours per week. And unlike other filter systems, if she did just a few key steps, this tool was smart enough to let the best emails through, and smartly assign other emails to 1 of 3 different folders for later reading.

So I started using it, and 5 months later I can say I don’t know what I did without it!

It’s called Sanebox (you can try it out this email filtering system tool here – free) – and it literally saves my sanity.

Sanebox email filtering systemThree Things I love About Sanebox

  • It connects to your social media profiles and email box to see who are the most important people that you already communicate with. It uses some serious magic to do this (I don’t know the algorithm, but it works really well). The result is about 85% or higher accuracy in making sure you see emails you want to see.
  • It lets you “train” the system to make sure you don’t miss the other 15%, and if a message gets through that should be in the “later” pile, you can train it to do that too.
  • Sanebox sends you a message once a day with the subject lines from all the messages it sorted out for you.

I also like that it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a Virtual Assistant to read through your emails.

Now it’s not without it’s flaws. It took a few weeks to really get used to it. Partially, it was a weird sensation to not have to check email so much. But there were times in the beginning when I missed messages because I didn’t follow some of those important steps I mentioned. It also seems a little quirky on my iPhone, where my inbox has the most recent 20 messages or so, and then it jumps back a month in time.

In the balance, it’s awesome, and it saves me a ton of time and stress dealing with email.

Take These Steps To Fall In Love With Sanebox

  1. Sign up for a free trial to Sanebox (this link also gives you a $5 credit should you love it and stick with it)
  2. Connect your Gmail or other email system to Sanebox so it can work it’s magic seeing what’s important to you
  3. During your first week, train the system at least once per day, moving emails in or out of the @SaneLater, @SaneNews, @SaneTop, etc., folders. For example, make sure you train @SaneTop to include marketing lessons from your favorite mentors and trainers (hint, hint), so you don’t miss their tips!
  4. Share your referral link so you can keep getting Sanebox for free (they give you $5 credit for each of your referrals).
  5. Use the other nifty features of the system, like @SaneRemindMe (to get an email back from yourself at some point in the future), @SaneAttachments (which saves space in your inbox by linking to images and files in a Dropbox folder), and custom deferring folders.

And thanks to Tanya Smith from BePromotable.com for sharing this tool with me, so I can share it with you!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Have experience with Sanebox or another productivity tool? Share your comments below, and then let others know about this post by clicking on the share (tweet, FB, Pinterest) buttons in the bar at the bottom of your browser.

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