It’s going to happen.

In fact, it could be happening right now.

You’re in the Discombobulated Zone!

You’re looking at your to-do list, the desk in your home office, your projects, your email inbox – all around you see an overwhelming pile of options.

What should you do next? Which is most important? Which will have the biggest impact on your customers and your bottom line?

Are you feeling discombobulated? How do you get out of it?

I’m in that zone today. Here’s how I’m getting out of it.

  1. Admitting I’m there instead of pretending that I’m not. With it named, I can regain control.
  2. Sharing it with you so I can turn the energy of it around from negative to positive. We can both get a bit of a chuckle out of it.
  3. Talking with a friend or accountability partner. Another perspective is helpful, but even just listening to how I talk about the different options reveals which one is most energizing.
  4. Using mindmaps to organize opportunities, projects, and tasks by priority and impact. (Check out this article on using mindmaps instead of to-do lists)
  5. Making a choice to pick just 1 path to commit to today, and cut off the others until the first one is complete
  6. Using the momentum from completing the first project to more easily handle the second.

That’s my plan – how about you?

Bob Jenkins

p.s. It’s my belief that every entrepreneur finds themselves in the DZ periodically. The trick is recognizing the signs early so you don’t linger there too long! How do you handle it?

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