Discover List BuildingToday’s lesson comes right from Module 2 of my Discover List Building Course, and it involves an underused feature of Aweber’s email marketing system: the Email Signature.

Let me start by telling you why this is so important to use…

One of the advantages of using an autoresponder follow up series is to send the same messages to every subscriber that joins your community, no matter when they join it. You simply create your messages, set up when each message will go out (Day 1, Day 4, Day 8, etc.), and from then on they’ll be delivered like clockwork.

However, the challenge for a busy entrepreneur is how to deliver those “evergreen” messages while still wanting to highlight something that’s critically important right now. For example, maybe you want to promote a teleseminar series you’re putting on to teach your audience specific ways to overcome a particular issue. (Mine might be called, 5 Ways To Double Your Coaching Business In 2012).

You can go in and change each of your follow-up messages individually for now, and then go back later and change them back. But that’s a real pain and time suck because each message would need to be changed now, and then re-edited after your current promotion is over.

You can of course send out broadcast messages, but what about those evergreen follow-ups? Can you use those in such a way to shine attention on your current offer?

If you use Aweber’s Email Signature setting strategically, you certainly can. (Other email marketing services may do this as well, but I’m going to show this tip based on using Aweber)

How To Put The Email Signature Into Action

The Email Signature setting is modified through the My Lists/List Settings menu.

It’s a simple text field that you can enter practically anything you want. You can change it at anytime, and your revision will automatically be applied to every follow-up message in your system that includes the simple signature tag: {!signature}

Imagine what’s possible with a signature added to a few of your follow-up messages?

  • Run a current special offer for subscribers
  • Show off your newest YouTube video
  • Highlight your new fan page on Facebook
  • Get more responses to a new survey
  • Attract more followers on LinkedIn
  • Show off your new Pinterest board
  • Promote your favorite charitable organization
  • Announce the publication of your new book

I think you get the idea.

To see exactly how this feature is implemented, and dozens of other secrets to improve your email marketing efforts, dive into Discover List Building – an 8-part virtual workshop that walks you through all the steps. I’ll show you how to maximize your email marketing and social media list building, whether you’re new to online marketing, or you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt.

To your empowered success!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Make sure you include the {!signature} tag in your messages where you want your message to appear. Just editing the list setting doesn’t insert it into your messages!

p.p.s. Was this lesson helpful to you? Post your comments below! And then join the Discover List Building course to find out what else has been missing from your email marketing efforts!

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