or, Don’t Make This Aweber Rookie Mistake And What To Do Instead

The other day I was interested in finding out more about a particular marketing strategy from a friend of mine. He had a new video behind an opt-in box that I wanted to see.

But when I entered my name and email address into the box, I saw one of my biggest email marketing pet peeves!

Aweber Already Subscribed

This aggravates me because a) I am not able to get to the thing I’m signing up for because I’m ALREADY on this list; and b) the ONLY thing to do on this page is to click on the AWeber email marketing link. It is a dead end – a huge rookie mistake in marketing.

It also aggravates me because it’s so easy to fix this and give your existing subscribers a better experience.

Here’s how to make sure your existing subscribers get what you’re giving.

1. Within your Aweber control panel, go to the Web Forms tab for the list you’re rehabbing.

Aweber Heading

2. Go to any (and all) of the webforms that have this dead-end-for-a-thank-you-page problem.

aweber web form list

3. Go to Step 2: Settings

aweber choose settings

4. Within the Settings for that form, change the Already Subscribed option from Basic Version to Custom URL, and paste in the download/destination page for your opt-in gift.

change basic settings

already subscribed custom url

5. Click save, and you’re good to go!

If you are using a different system than Aweber, you can implement the same solution with your web forms by changing the setting for the “thank-you” page.

Happy marketing!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Want more under-the-hood tips and strategies to make sure your marketing doesn’t lead to dead ends? Check out the Get Your Geek On webinar series! It’s free (for now)!

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