When Do We Start?

The 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge begins on Monday, and each day for the next 30 days, I’ll be posting updates on the exact steps I’m taking to build my new list and autoresponder series from scratch. These updates will come in a variety of formats, but primarily I’ll be using mindmaps, bulleted steps, and longer descriptions when necessary. I’ll be writing (or illustrating) what steps I’ve taken that day and telling you why I’m doing it. Since I’ve been working with autoresponders since early 2006, and created over 100 different lists, I’ll be able to use this experience each step of the way.

What If I Don’t Have An Autoresponder Yet?

If you are starting from scratch yourself, then you’ll need to get your account set up at an autoresponder service. Personally, I recommend Aweber because they continue to innovate their services for internet marketing. And their deliverability is incredible compared to other services. Certainly I would never recommend you run your autoresponder from your own website – that’s a great way to get your site shut down for a number of unfortunate reasons.

Since I started working with Aweber, I’ve built over 100 targeted opt-in lists with them and rely on them heavily for my success. Plus, they’re on Twitter and all around good people :)

When Day One begins, I’ll assume you already have your account. So get your Aweber account set up now (it takes like 2 minutes). Don’t worry about setting up a list yet, that’s what we’ll be doing during day one.

Can I Tell Others About This Challenge?

Before you leave this page, can I ask you to do me a favor real quick? Think about a few people you know who would greatly benefit from watching and participating in this challenge with you. Send them one of the following:

Affiliate marketers: If you’d like to refer people to the challenge and get paid a commission for their purchase of the product I make as a result of this challenge, go to DiscoverAutoresponders.com to get your affiliate link.

How Do I Get Each Day’s Steps?

I’ll be sending you an email each day letting you know that day’s steps have been taken, and a link to a page back on this blog for you to read it over. You’ll also have an opportunity to comment, post questions, and also announce to the rest of us how you’re doing on the 30 Day Challenge, too.

To make sure you have an easy time seeing these emails, I’ll start each email with [30-DAC] in the subject line (for 30 Day Autoresponder Challenge). So you may want to set up a filter in your email program to highlight when these messages come in.

Also, I’ll be sending you the updates from the email address of bob@discoverautoresponders.com so you may need to white-list that address, add it to your contacts, etc.

What If I Miss A Day?

If you miss a day in the Challenge because something comes up in your life – don’t fret. Simply read the day you missed as soon as possible, and catch up quickly. Each day’s steps should take about 10-15 minutes (half hour max). It’s likely I’ll also put together each week of steps together in a recap PDF.

Please don’t ask me to resend an individual day’s update to you; this will cause an unnecessary burden on my help desk.  I’ll do my best to link to previous steps in some of the emails to make sure you stay connected and on track.

Can I Get Videos Of Each Step?

By the way, I didn’t mention this before because I thought about it after I sent you the original invitiation. One of the things I like to do is leverage my activities so I can get the most out of them, and I can help more people.

So while I was talking with Scott (who encouraged me to do this challenge in the first place), the idea came up to record the screen as I do each step and put that together as a product.

Sounds like a cool idea to me, and maybe it would help you, too?

What’s the difference?

With the regular updates, I’ll be writing down the steps I’m taking and telling you why. You’ll need to look in your autoresponder service or on the web to follow along. If you’re new to autoresponders and internet marketing for your business, this may prove more time consuming than you’d like.

With the videos, you’ll actually see exactly where I’m doing each step online (or on my computer). This will take all the guesswork out of knowing what to do.

You should be fine without the videos, but if you’re the kind of learner that likes to see more than read, then I encourage you to upgrade now.

I won’t go into a big song and dance about the value of this set of videos. Ultimately that’s up to you and how much your time is worth to you. But you will be getting 30 videos (1 for each day), and they should last about 10-15 minutes since that’s the time I’m trying to take for each step to account for other things going on right now (both for you, and for me).

I predict this will make an awesome product that I’ll likely sell for $97 when it’s finished. But since you’ll be part of the process from the beginning, I’d like to cut you a “no-brainer” deal.

In exchange for being patient as I get the videos ready (each video will likely be 1-2 days behind the actual process), I’ll drop the price of the video series down to $27 if you order today. Once the challenge gets underway, I’ll be raising the price. So if this appeals to you, pre-order this upgrade now.

To order, login to DiscoverAutoresponders.com (you’ll need to create your account if it’s your first time there), and you’ll see the order page.

Just for creating your account, you’ll get a free 70+ minute video walking you through the account set up and first list creation process at Aweber.

Pre-Order The 30 Day Challenge Videos
At DiscoverAutoresponders.com

How Can I Get The Best Results With This Challenge?

One more thing before I let you go. As I said before, I primarily doing this challenge as a selfish way to make sure I get a long-overdue upgrade to my own autoresponder series.

But if you really want to get the most out of this 30 Day Challenge, you’ll participate actively. This means taking the steps I’m taking, getting involved with comments at each step, and showing off your progress along the way.

It truly doesn’t matter if you are brand new to autoresponders, or you have over 3 years experience like me. Take the challenge with me – don’t just be a lurker! I can’t wait to see the progress you make as a result!

Remember, I’m doing this challenge for free. So one way you’ll actually be “paying me” is with your resulting success.

And who knows, if it works out really well for both of us, then maybe I’ll do another one next month on a different area of internet marketing!

Day One starts tomorrow. See you then!

Bob Jenkins

p.s. Remember, if you want to pre-order the videos so you can watch every step of the way, do so now so you’ll save $70.

p.p.s. Please leave a comment below and let me know what stage you’re at with your own autoresponder, and what you hope to accomplish during this 30 Day Challenge.

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