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Crafting profitable content titles will bring you more prospects and profits.

And you do want more prospects and profits, right?

The challenge is there are so many mistakes you can make when you are creating titles for your content. So in this article I’ll show you 3 of the many mistakes and what to do instead. Ready?

3 Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Title Mistake #1 – Failure to brainstorm your title

99 percent of people create one title and go with it. So what’s so wrong with that – why is it a mistake?

Well, since your title is the most important part of your content, you want to spend a great deal of time on it. If your title stinks, very few people will read your content. If your title is compelling and well thought out, you will dramatically increase the number of prospects who read your content.

What to do instead – Experiment with dozens of titles. Play with the benefits you offer. Narrow your titles down to the top 3 and run them by a few people. See which ones they like the best.

Title Mistake #2 – Failure to front load your title with keywords

When you fail to include keywords in the first four words of your title, Google will not find your content. So a title that starts with “How to Deliver the… ” is a lousy title.

What to do instead – Include keywords in the first four words of you title. It’s quite easy to do. For example, check out the title of this article you are reading. “Content Marketing For Profit” includes the keyword phrase “Content Marketing” while still being attractive to your prospect.

Mistake #3 – Failure to include benefits in your title

You must remember that your prospect is a busy person who has lots of options for how they spend their time. When you fail to include in your title any of the benefits of reading your content, most prospects will bypass your content.

What to do instead – Include compelling benefits that will make your prospect want to stop want they are doing to consume your content. Again, let’s use the title of this article as an example. “Content Marketing For Profit – 3 Content Title Mistakes and What to Do Instead” tells the prospect that not only will 3 mistakes be revealed, you’ll also find out what to do instead.

That will make prospects want to consume your content right away.

Bonus Tip

Want to learn more about creating powerful and profitable titles for your content? Then you’ll want to catch our upcoming webinar- “Content Title Terror – The 3 Biggest Content Title Mistakes and What to Do Instead (Follow the Formula)” Hosted by Bob Jenkins on Thursday March 7th at 8 pm EST. Join us here

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